Cross Compiling

Table of Contents 1. Setting up Cross Compiling 2. Sysroot 3. Static linking 4. CMake 5. Sources 1 Setting up Cross Compiling In order to test out some of these multi-threaded tool properly, I really need to run them on a less strict platform than x86_64. X86_64 provides a lot of guarantees about sequential consistency [...]


1 Building a simple spin gate in C++ This is a very simplified latch which allows several threads to block and busywait until they are released to begin work in parallel. I'm using this to do some multi-thread stress testing, where I want to maximize the overlapping work in order to check for suprising non-deterministic [...]

Real World Haskell – Chapter 3

These are the exercises from chapter 3 ofReal World Haskellby Bryan O'Sullivan, Don Stewart, and John Goerzen> module RWHChapter3 where{-# OPTIONS_GHC -XMagicHash #-}Some useful things to check my work:> import Test.QuickCheck> import Data.List> import GHC.Prim> import GHC.Base1) Write a function that computes the number of elements in a list. To test it, ensure that it [...]