Building Saar Raz’s clang concepts branch

A Recipe for building Saar Raz’s clang concepts branch

Saar Raz has been working on a Concepts implementation, available at It’s not much harder to build it than clang usually is, it’s just a matter of getting things checked out into the right places before configuring the build. Just like LLVM and clang normally.

In order to double check how, I peeked at the shell script used by the compiler explorer image to build the clang-concepts compiler:

The really important bit is getting exactly the right commit from LLVM, 893a41656b527af1b00a1f9e5c8fcecfff62e4b6.

To get a working directory something like: Starting from where you want your working tree and build tree, e.g ~/bld/llvm-concepts

git clone

pushd llvm
git reset --hard 893a41656b527af1b00a1f9e5c8fcecfff62e4b6

pushd llvm/tools
git clone clang

pushd llvm/projects
git clone
git clone
# The sanitizers: this is optional but you want them
git clone

Then to build and install

mkdir build && cd build

cmake \
    -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=~/install/llvm-concepts/ \
    -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release  \
    -G Ninja  \


ninja check

ninja install

Note that I install into a separate prefix, keeping it isolated from everything else. The compiler can be invoked as ~/install/llvm-concepts/bin/clang++. There’s no particular reason to put the compiler on your PATH.






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