This showed up in my local bookstore

So I bought it. And there was at least one more face out copy, besides the one you see here.

And this is where I bought it:

Penn Books on the LIRR Level of Penn Station. Small store, but many shelves of SF, particularly if you know to look under the display table across from the main set of shelves. The staff are outstanding. I got the first recommendation for Vinge’s Rainbows (sic) End there. They also have an excellent classics and literature section. As in, when I mentioned that ‘March Up Country’ was (sort of) based on ‘The Anabasis’, they knew where it should be shelved, wondered why it wasn’t there, and offered to order it. Which might just be good salesmanship, except, after picking up my copy, I was looking in the same section for a copy of the Eddas, which they had, and spotted another copy of the Anabasis.

Buy books there, if you can.

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