A brief history of construction:

This starts in the first week of January, and runs through last week.

Living in a house that’s under construction has been, …, interesting. But we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Putting together the animated GIF was pretty easy, too. I’ve been taking pictures from the same spot across the street from our house. I loaded each image into the Gimp as a separate layer. Then increased the transparency of that layer, so that I could line up the roof lines. I used the roof peak that’s over the dining room, in the front of the house, as the key, since the main roof line changes during construction. Then, because they weren’t all framed the same,I cropped it to the intersection of all of the frames. When you save a multi-layer image as a GIF file in the Gimp, it asks whether to save as an animated GIF, or to flatten the image.

Pretty easy, once I learned what the tools could do.






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