Month: February 2005

  • Thinking about Exception Safety in C++

    Thanks to David Abrahams, we have a framework to discuss the relative exception safety of C++ components. Quick reiteration:# The basic guarantee: that the invariants of the component are preserved, and no resources are leaked.# The strong guarantee: that the operation has either completed successfully or thrown an exception, leaving the program state exactly as…

  • More house construction

    This the outside, now This is our new walk-in closet and bathroom This is a panoramic picture of the bedroom

  • We Have a Roof!

    Not only a roof, a whole second floor up there! This picture is from Monday morning. Our contractor worked over the weekend to keep us from freezing (more) than we already were. To be fair, he warned us it was going to be like living in a war zone once the roof started to come…